I created this installation of a Russian Government office to give the viewer a glance at the subversive ways AI is being used in todays technologically advancing world. ​​​​​​​In 2019, Russian Times News held an interview with the CEO of Ntechlab, the company that created the technology that creates three dimensional AI portraits of people. The Russian government has invested in this technology to conduct Real-Time Facial Surveillance in Moscow. Moscow claims that 2,000 crimes were solved last year with the help of video surveillance alone. Russia’s government is using the Findface technology in public spaces around Moscow in order to analyze peoples body and eye movements to predict their choices, and probability of committing crimes. Moscow is currently the only place using this technology currently, but other governments have recently invested in the technology such as Chicago, Detroit and China. Within the last few months, the state of California made it illegal to use biometric data from cameras the way Findface technology does. This giant amount of biometric data that governments have, once digitized, has the possibility to make every aspect of life microscopically observed. In the interview the following is said:
“Everything we do is absolutely legal...what we really do no different from Facebook. We take your information and let authorities create profiles on our behavior of our interests on, you know, really who we are as people.” 
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